How to Remove Air Bubbles in Epoxy

Remove air bubbles from your epoxy and how to avoid them in your pours



FlowCast® normally requires no extra attention to get rid of air bubbles because it releases them on its own due to its long cure time and low viscosity. If you’re pouring over a surface that may release air during the 72-hour curing process, then those bubbles may get trapped and ruin your crystal-clear look. A sealer coat is advisable in this case.

Adding Pigments to your FlowCast®

If you're adding pigments or metallics, you will need to mix your FlowCast® well. This mixing process can create air bubbles. We recommend you let the epoxy sit for 15-20 minutes, this gets rid of a lot of the air bubbles. If needed, you can also use a torch or heat gun to pop the bubbles.


UVPoxy is a much thicker and faster curing epoxy, which requires extra attention to bubbles. A torch or heat gun is advisable for popping any surface bubbles, and slow mixing/folding of the product helps to avoid excess air entrapment in the batch. Using a pressure pot works well for all our products.