Why did my Epoxy not cure?

Low temperature, Incorrect FlowCast® product, Off-ratio mixing, Insufficient mixing, High humidity, Incorrect resin or hardener.

Low temperature. FlowCast® will need more time to cure if your room temperature is lower than the recommended range of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit or if it was applied too thin, FlowCast® is not recommended for pouring anything less than 1/2 inch. Applying heat to the project may help it finish curing. Luckily, there is no window of time for curing that can be missed, so even if your project has been sitting in a cool room for weeks and hasn’t fully cured, taking it indoors or warming it up will allow for the curing process to complete.

Off-ratio mixing. There may have been too much or too little hardener, which directly affects the cure time of the batch.

Insufficient mixing. You may not have mixed long enough for the resin and hardener to be adequately mixed for a proper cure. Always mix thoroughly for a minimum of 5 minutes.

High humidity can also cause product curing issues, we do not recommend pouring at humidity levels higher than 75%.

Incorrect resin or hardener. Using UVPoxy resin or hardener with FlowCast® resin or hardener will cause under curing, overreacting, or other adverse effects to the batch.

Getting your Epoxy to cure Faster


The best way to speed up the cure is by adding heat to the area that your project is in. Every 8C can cut the cure time in half. If the epoxy is heated too much, though, it can cure too quickly and may crack or bubble excessively.