How to Finish an Epoxy Table

Finishing options for your epoxy table (river table). See how to get a natural matte, satin, or glossy finish.

Once you’ve finished building your beautiful epoxy table, there are a few options for finishing it. EcoPoxy epoxies can be worked the same as wood, so just like finishing a wood table, you can use a similar variety of methods to finish your epoxy table. 


No matter the product you will be using, you will likely need to sand your piece for an even surface and buff out any places where your epoxy might have spilled over your mold. Always start small and slowly increase the grit of your sandpaper. Be sure to wash off all the sawdust and let your piece dry before applying a coating.


Glossy Finish

UVPoxy can be used for a glossy finish on your epoxy table. To ensure you get a perfectly smooth finish, follow these tips:


  • Applying a sealer coat is highly recommended as wood is porous. For a sealer coat, you can get 100 sq. ft. out of a 4L UVPoxy Kit
  • Warm up the resin slightly to increase flow and to improve mixing and air release.
  • After evenly applying UVPoxy, use a torch or heat gun to pop all bubbles that form for the first hour after pouring.
  • Work in a dust-free environment or cover your piece with a tarp once finished to keep particles from landing on your surface.


To make sure you have enough UVPoxy to coat your tabletop and give it a glossy finish, you’ll want to give your piece a flood coat. With a 4L kit, it will cover approximately 50sq ft. 


Matte Finishmatte-epoxy-finish

For a matte finish, you simply sand the surface with 3,000-grit sandpaper. Most oil-based finishes should adhere to the epoxy or at least form a film overtop, which can clear it out after sanding. The optimal grit for most finishes is 320 or higher. Proven brands like Osmo, Rubio, and Odie’s oils/waxes have been used with great success by many customers. This will help to resist moisture while retaining a natural matte look.


Satin Finish


If you want a subtle gloss, UVPoxy can be used for this finished look as well. While a glossy look requires a flood coat, to get a satin finish simply apply a sealer coat of UVPoxy while following the same tips mentioned for a glossy coat, minus the flood coat.