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How to Choose the Right EcoPoxy Product for your Project

Size, depth, and effect play a key role in choosing the right product. Below we've outlined the different types of projects and their recommended products.

  • Thick Casting Projects
  • Thin Casting Projects
  • Coating Projects 
  • Composite Projects
  • Custom Effects & Colors

Product Map

Thick Casting Projects

Perhaps you’re looking at creating a thick casting project such as a river table, thick encapsulation, epoxy block, works of art or any other furniture piece that requires large gaps to be filled. Thick casting projects require epoxies designed for deep pours. Our casting epoxies can be poured in layers between ½" - 1 ½" thick. 

Casting epoxies contain the resin and a matching hardener, which, when mixed, cause the mass to harden. This is what gives casting epoxies durability and an extremely strong bond to the objects they touch or encapsulate.

EcoPoxy currently offers two thick casting resin systems, FlowCast® and SnowWhite.



When used on its own, FlowCast® produces a clear finish that resembles a water-like appearance. However, depending on the project, it can be pigmented to create custom colors and effects.





Ideal for wood projects, SnowWhite acts similarly to FlowCast® but provides the brightest white finish on the market. SnowWhite will produce a much more vibrant colour than adding pigments to a clear epoxy and is more cost-effective when compared to adding white pigment to FlowCast®



Thin or Small Casting Projects

You might be considering thin or small epoxy projects as your next undertaking. These projects often include jewelry, art pieces, or pens.



UVPoxy is dual purpose and can be used to cast small pieces less than ¼” thick. This epoxy’s coatings have a crystal clear, high gloss finish that is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.


Coating Projects

Complete your project using these epoxy systems, perfect for charcuterie boards, coating furniture, wall art and countertops.


UVPoxy can be used for small casting projects up to a maximum of 1/4" thick, but it can also be used to coat your project and be spread up to a maximum of 1/8" thick. Perfectly designed to preserving your projects and provide a crystal clear, high gloss finish that is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring your projects stand the test of time. UVPoxy can also be tinted with our pigments.





EcoPoxy also has a unique glow-in-the-dark epoxy additive that charges with any light source for an even more custom finish. GloPoxy was specially manufactured using a color-balanced process to ensure colors won’t shift when switching from ordinary white lighting to backlight.



Filler & Profiler 

Do you have some surface repair and preparation to do? Such as filling cracks in wood, filling cracks in concrete floors, or evening jagged edges or surfaces.



EcoTrowel is lightweight and suitable for a variety of composite, architectural, industrial, and art-related applications. It can be applied to wood, concrete - even canvas - to a thickness of 1” without sagging or slumping. It can be easily sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, routered & remains durable for life.



Composite Systems

Perhaps you are looking for a coating laminating system common for boats, RVs, showers, bathtubs, pools, composites and other containment applications.

Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Applications

You may be looking to work on a project involving composite parts, coating wooden boats, a fiberglass or carbon fiber wet layup, repair molding, or vacuum bagging.


BioPoxy 36

If any of these projects sound like you, your EcoPoxy is BioPoxy 36. BioPoxy 36 is formulated to manufacture large structures and composite parts by a wet layup with low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics. EcoPoxy GelCoat complements BioPoxy 36 as an in-mold coating, providing durable protection for your composite project.



If you are looking for an epoxy that is chemical, thermal and water-resistant and has a high gloss finish, GelCoat is the product for you. GelCoat provides a non-porous high gloss finish on surfaces such as steel, concrete, composites, eps foam and wood.

EcoPoxy GelCoat is also common for an in-mold coating to create a durable part surface.


Custom Effects & Colors

Maybe, you plan on creating something a little more custom. If so, custom effect additives are ideal for adding color to any clear epoxy resin such as FlowCast® or UVPoxy. Custom effects additives can be further broken down by the result you are trying to achieve. 


Color Pigments

To create a unique color combination, you can use different additives and mixing methods to create custom effects in any clear EcoPoxy epoxy resin. Our only recommendation? Test your unique mixtures in a bottle of water and give them a shake. This will help allow you to test the effect before you add the pigment to your epoxy. Choose from any of our 8 liquid pigments to make your unique colors. 


Metallic Pigments

For a pearlescent or iridescent effect, a metallic color pigment will likely give your product the desired effect. Currently, a rainbow of 30 colors is available, with new ones continuing to be developed.


Polyester Color Glitters

Our 12 specialty polyester color glitters are compatible with EcoPoxy resin and create a unique top coat effect. The result is that the color is suspended and visible on the topmost layer.



To learn more about the differences between metallic pigments, color pigments, and glitters, check out this article: How much pigment should I add to my epoxy?


All EcoPoxy epoxies can be machined with regular woodworking tools while maintaining a strong bond to what it was adhered to. Once cured, our epoxies can be sanded, sawed, routered, or machined in a lathe. Your options are truly endless when using EcoPoxy products.